Sample Menu

A few dishes I love to serve (and eat!)

  • Cream of wild sunflower soup vegan

    Unique earthy flavor with a delicious velvety texture

  • Beautiful seasonal salads vegan gluten free

    Colors, textures and flavors change throughout the year

  • Red Bean Hummus vegan gluten free

    A hearty and savory, purple tapenade

  • Parmesan Baked Rice vegetarian gluten free

    Crispy cheesy rice pilaf with picante diced veggies

  • Orange Salmon pescatarian gluten free

    Succulent fillet cured and roasted in fresh squeezed citrus

  • Tofu Bolognese vegan

    Pasta in a rich stewed tomato sauce with fried crushed tofu

  • Chocolate Coconut Ganache vegan gluten free

    Perfectly smooth chocolate and coconut cream with shredded halva

Live service buffet catering with fun and bountiful vibes.

  • Antipasti cornucopia vegan gluten free

    Endless piles of veggies cooked to perfection with handmade dips

  • Smoked salmon crunchies pescatarian dairy

    Lucious slices over ginger cream cheese on a fun baked base

  • Breads and spreads vegan or dairy, gluten free option

    Fun fresh breads with a rainbow of handmade spreads

  • Cheese pairing buffet dairy, gluten free option

    Nuts, preserves, greens and tasty bits paired well with a fun mix of cheeses

  • ‘Beau bazar’ dessert buffet vegan or dairy

    Cakes and chocolates, nuts and berries thrown across the table

Live prepaid food-truck-style catering to order.

  • Avocado and strawberry salad vegan gluten free

    A texture explosion with fresh mint and lime

  • Fusion ‘Sabich’ breaded eggplant in a pita vegan

    Crunchy eggplant fillet with a coconut pesto sauce

  • Shaved tofu shawarma in a pita vegan

    Marinated and fried tofu flakes over purple tahini

  • Crispy kickin’ fish fillet in a pita pescatarian

    Breaded white fish fillet with a snarky horseradish cream

  • Chocolate coconut eclair vegan, gluten free option

    Creamy chocolate ganache cup with shredded halva

They will always remember that the food was delicious.

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